Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum age to ride in a party bus?

Nope! We welcome everybody onto our party buses. However, please keep in mind that we cannot break the law. Passengers under 21 MAY NOT have alcohol.

Would a limousine or party bus be better for me?

That depends on the experience you are looking for. It isn't easy to get up and move around in limousines, so they are better for more reserved occasions. A party bus is great if you want to get up and dance! There is plenty of room to get up and walk around.

Can we smoke on the vehicles?

Unfortunately, we can not allow our passengers to smoke on our vehicles. We need to keep them in excellent condition. In order to do so, we must avoid the smell of smoke, ashes, and burn holes in our seats. We know that many smokers will need breaks, so if ever anyone needs to stop and smoke, just let your driver know, and he will pull over at the first safe opportunity.

What happens if we go past our contracted time?

You are welcome do go over your contracted time as long as it does not conflict with another run. If you do go past your time, we charge overages. Overage rates are the same as the hourly rate you have already paid, but we divide them into 15 minute increments. If you don't go a full hour over, you won't have to pay for the whole time! Overages are due at the end of the run in cash.

How do I find out if the vehicle I am interested in is available?

Just call or email us! Booking representatives are always standing by to answer all of your questions. We have a sophisticated booking system, and they can quickly look up our schedule for any date that you are interested in. If you are interested in a specific vehicle, we recommend booking it early. Our vehicles are first come, first serve, so we can't guarantee that we will have it available at the last minute.

Do we have to stay in Richmond?

No. We are happy to take you wherever you would like to go in your contracted time! Please note that there may be an additional fuel surcharge if your pick up or drop off is too far outside of the Richmond area.

Common Vehicle Features:

  • Deluxe leather interiors
  • Televisions with Blue Ray/DVD players
  • Audiophile grade stereo systems
  • CD players with iPod/MP3 inputs
  • Bars with coolers for your drinks
  • LED or Fiber Optic mood lighting throughout